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Low income students finally free from the lack of space and resources during online school

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Many young learners from low-income families, including two siblings Max and Sam (full name withheld), who were forced to stay at home cramped up in a tiny bedroom are thrilled to be able to return to school.

Their mother, Ah Jing, stated that although they had tablets borrowed from a nearby community centre to learn with, the confined space and poor internet connection combined still caused learning for Max and Sam to be extremely difficult. She also reported that she loses the option to do chores or cook while the kids are having classes as it may disturb them.

As time went by, Ah Jing had noticed the performance of Max and Sam decrease rapidly. However, the couldn't afford tuition for them as the family was facing an abundance of economical struggles.

Children in homes like these, or those from ethnic minority groups, have been at greatest risk of falling behind in classes over the past year, according to many educators and parents.

This situation was not only occurring for Max and Sam, but also for 181,000 children living in poverty in Hong Kong, some of which had two or three children sharing one device.

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