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Our end goal is to help children around the world in dangerous situations - like the Ukraine war. But due to COVID-19, we will be focusing on helping provide education to children in poverty in Hong Kong (and other regions in Asia) in collaboration with Crossroads. Some forms of action that will be taken involve accumulating mass donations of unused technology and back-to-school kits, as well as speeches to evoke empathy in many individuals towards this topic.

Fundraisers / Donations

We will hold donations and fundraisers at our schools, ultimately delivered to children with a lack of education in Hong Kong by Crossroads. We except things like Back-to-school kits [the following items in a large ‘Zip-Loc’ (clip-seal) plastic bag: 3 pencils, 3 pens, 1 pencil sharpener, 1 eraser, 1 ruler, 3 textbooks/exercise books, 1 glue stick, 1 set of colour pencils/crayons] and unused (but still working) technology.

Rasing Awareness

To spread awareness, we are planning to share our website with our family, classmates and friends for them to be able to understand what is going on and then share the information with others; this chain reaction will hopefully allow a wide range of individuals to have knowledge of this situation. 

Collaborations with NGOs

We will be collaborating with NGOs from crossroads that support our goal, and will appreciate at the assistance they provide us. For example, collections of goods, more guidance and knowledge of kids with a lack of education in Hong Kong. After a meeting with crossroads, we now know that 50 % of their clients are refugees and that shipping to other countries is now incredibly difficult. They have in total shipped to 97 countries.

Inpirational Speeches

We would like to make speeches to make others feel empathy for the children that we want to help. This will hopefully encourage them to take action and actually do something to show their true thoughts. We shall give our thoughts and encourage people to take action.



Expand in School

We would like to expand in school by contacting our teachers for an opportunity to make speeches and inspire more students to join us and take action by making awareness. 

Help Kids in Other Countries

After raising further awareness, we plan to help kids in other countries, apart from Asia, after this issue has been alleviated. But because of covid, we must think of another way. After several discussions with Crossroads, we discovered that the most needed items are RAT (Rapid Antigen Test) kits, school stationery, computers, etc...

Continue Raising Awareness

We will try our best to take action, for action is raising awareness, and raising awareness is our main goal. So help us raise awareness by spreading knowledge or telling your friends and family. We will also contact our buildings if we can put fliers around. If they object, then we will put the fliers in the residents mail box.

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Aiding the Children in Need Around the World

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