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2022 / 2023

The 'Believing is Seeing' World Team is constantly working on/starting new community projects (e.g. charity roadshows, community goods donations, school donation schemes, charity webinars) in order to meet our ultimate goals: to raise awareness to a vast group of society and make significant impacts in order to help the underprivileged children in Hong Kong and in other regions around the world. The followings are highlights of our ongoing and upcoming projects.

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Since Aug 15, 2022

Goods Donation - Community Event (My Central, HK)

Our first community event started from one multinational neighborhood with 185 residential units in Central, Hong Kong. We created and distributed an informative and eye-catching poster/flyer, followed by a face-to-face conversations with some residents, in order to promote our branding and team spirit to help gather awareness and receive support from the community for the low-income children who need help to continue learning in Hong Kong.

Since Aug 22, 2022

Goods Donation - Community Event (Marina South, HK)

Our team members are further expanding the goods donation community to a neighborhood located in Southern Hong Kong, Marina South.

Marina South is a warm and loving community with 114 residential units, providing lots of brand new goods (i.e. stationery and RAT kits) for our donation drive.

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Sep 12, 2022

Drawing Collection - Street event (Queen's Road Central, HK)

As a team, we dispersed on the bustling street of Queen's Road Central with the goal to raise awareness for our cause, helping underprivileged children in Hong Kong grow.

This time, our specific form of action was going around asking passersby to draw something, anything, on the sheet of paper that they believe will brighten up an underprivileged child's day. We chose this activity because it invokes the imagination and empathy of the society towards these kids, whether it's a simple icon or a landscape scenery, things we believe are more valuable than words alone.

In total, we accumulated around 120 drawings, resulting this activity as a success, and are looking forward to doing something similar in the future!

Sep 26 - Sep 30, 2022

Goods Donation - School Donation Drive (Canadian International School,  HK)

For this shcool donation drive, we will be collecting a variety of (brand new) stationery that you have. The amassed goods will be dlivered to Crossroads Foundation and then distributed to numerous children around Hong Kong who are deficient in these items.

We are looking forward to seeing your participations and contributions to support us! 

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